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If you are just getting started  and are looking for information on flooring, underlayment, tools we have that. Or if you are looking for info on what is involved with  an installation of laminate or vinyl plank or which is better vinyl plank or laminate  we have that too.

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Laminate University

Inside my members area you will have access to step by step instructions on how to install Laminate or Vinyl Plank. You will find videos, guides, a members only group for questions and discussion and plenty more. Join 100’s of other DIY’ers just like you and you too can install your own floor with a Professional looking result.

How do I start my Laminate or Vinyl Plank Installation

There are some basic steps to follow when you are installing Laminate or Vinyl Plank. If you follow these steps you will be able to  start your installation and  complete it! I use these steps on every installaion and they have helped 1000’s of other DIY’ers like you. 


Below you will find some of the most common questions I get asked about Laminate and Vinyl Plank Installations. 

Do I need to use pad under my Plank?

It depends, if you have a plank with an attached pad, then you do not need to use anything else.

If your plank DOES NOT have an attached pad, then I would use a pad even if the manufacturer says it is not needed.

NEVER, double up pad. It will cause stress to the joints and cause problems in the future.


Here is the pad that I use and I highly recommend.

Am I really capable of taking on this Plank Installation.

Yes! I have helped thousands of DIY’ers just like you Complete their projects.

Whether it was their first time or they were a novice. 

I have helped both men and women, young adults, middle aged adults and of course our wise elders! If you are willing and able, then you are capable. 

Fear should not stop you. If you follow the steps that I teach, you will absolutely be able to take on your project. 

I also want you to remember this, God is on your side! He will help you through this and give you the confidence that you need to do this. You just have to ask Him!

Look, I am a perfect example of this truth. I had no clue what I was doing when I first started doing this 20 years ago and now I am teaching others how to do it!

So, pray my friends, God loves you and He is waiting for you to just ask. 

Remember this –

We can all be saved through Jesus Christ!

How do I deal with multiple levels of flooring throughout the house?

You need to get the subfloor the same level throughout the areas that you will be installng your plank.

You can build up to other existing flooring, but be aware that it might affect your doors. Be sure that the doors will still open if you do this. If they can’t then you want to investigate if they can be cut.

Don’t be afraid of a little elbow grease. I do have videos inside Laminate University that show you how to tear out different existing floors and this is something you want to get right and not regret later on. 

What type of floor patch should I use to fix low spots in my floor?

I like to use Ardex feather finish. It is a high quality product that is flexible and will not crack. It also sticks to almost anything and it will not shear away from the floor over time causing a crunching sound under your plank. 

This is a product that most of you will only be able to find online. You should be able to find it at a specialty store in any major town or city. 

You can find Henry 549 Feather Finish at Home Depot. 

This is a good product that is made by the same company and will do a good job for you. 

What kind of glue should I use for the joints that I plane?

If you are installing Laminate then just use any type of wood glue. 

For Vinyl Plank I use clear Gorilla Glue. It is non foaming and works great!

Be sure to moisten the groove with a damp sponge or terry cloth before applying the Clear Gorilla Glue!

What type of transitions do I need?

There are several different types of transitions that can be used. I go through all of these for you and you can find that information here-

Click Here to see more

Don't see what you are searching for?

Here is the complete list of common questions I get asked and if you don’t find what you are looking for, there is also a place you ask your questions. 

Here are the Tools I am Using  for All of My Laminate or Vinyl Plank Installations

Tapping Block

This is what I use to help the plank go together.This is a tool that you will need to have. The Big Box Stores do sell tapping blocks, but they do not have the quality tapping block that you will need. So, I would not waste my money on any of those.

Laminate and Vinyl Plank Cutter

This is the cutter I use and have been using for several years now. I really like the time it saves me from having to get up and go outside to cut. It is dust free cutting, so you can have this right at your side during the installation.

Pull Bar

This is a tool I use for every plank installation. It is what you use to pull the joints together in areas like the last row against the wall, under cabinets, the end plank in a row and ect… This is a must have tool when installing Plank.

Oscillating Saw

This is the Oscillating Saw that I use to undercut door jambs, trim, fireplaces and ect… This is a great tool to own not just for this project but for so many other projects that you might have around the house. I’m showing Milwaukee, because I believe it is the best. 

Mini Planer

This is the Planer I use when I need to plane and glue a joint in a difficult area like around door jambs. I would also recommend getting this tool. I use this on almost every Plank Installation and you will more than likely need to use this tool.

Glue Sticks

These are not the glue sticks that you buy at Walmart or any of the Big Box Stores for that matter. I use these to install transitions, for gluing  scrap pieces down when securing the floor on concrete and for a variety of other things. These are amazing!!

Laminate University

Inside my members area you will have access to step by step instructions on how to install Laminate or Vinyl Plank. You will find videos, guides, a members only group for questions and discussion and plenty more. Join 100’s of other DIY’ers just like you and you too can install your own floor with a Professional looking result.

Tile Installation Start Here

Whether you are just reasearching for your Tile Installation, ready to start your Tile Installation or you are already installing you came to the right place . 

Tile Installation for Floors

Floors are usually considered an easier tile installation and for the most part it is true.

A tile floor is installed differently over a wood subfloor then it is over a concrete slab. Also, Tile hates an uneven floor, so it is important to get the floor flat before starting. 

There are also some products that you can use to really simplify the installation.

Tiled Tub Surround

Tub Surrounds are about a medium on a scale that measures difficulty. The walls are actually the easy part and the tub is what always poses a problem. For some reason, they don’t make a make tub that is tile installation friendly. 

There is a lip that runs around the three sides of the tub that are butted to the wall. This lip seems to be the biggest hang up for most DIY’ers. But,  I will show you how to deal with this. 

Tiled Custom Shower

Tiled Custom Showers are considered the more difficult installation and again for the most part this is true. Over the years there is one thing I have learned about custom tile installations – there is nothing fast about installing them!

This Common Mistake is made by most DIY’ers

When installing Tile it is easy to get too far ahead of yourself. You start spreading the thin set or mastic and then start installing tile. You now come to a wall or a cabinet and you need to go make a cut, sounds pretty basic so far, right? This can cause Tile Failure!

Here are just a few Guides to help you with your Tile Installation

Where to start - Tiling a custom shower

Tile University

DIY Tile Guides with videos

Get the help you need right now and start using all my DIY Tile Installation Guides! Come and join and you will have access to what many other DIY’ers just like you, are using to complete their tile projects!

Learn how to install cement board

Need some tips on Cement Board Installation?

I will show you how to install cement board on the floor using thinset and screws to fasten it securely. I also will give you some tips on how to cut around the toilet flange using a really easy tip.

Don't Make this Mistake!

Check out this post that I wrote and be sure you dont make the same mistake that so many DIY’ers and Professional Installer make. This is really the most important step of ALL tile installations!

3 Tips to use when Laying Tile

There are many tips to use during a tile installation, but here are 3 very important tips that will really help you during your tile project! Enjoy!!

Which is better - Porcelain or Ceramic?

This is a great question and I think that you will be surprised by the answer!

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We can all be saved through Jesus Christ!

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