My Project Planner – Tile Edition is really the first step in any installation. It will help guide you with the materials, supplies and tools that you will need for your installation.

It also covers how to estimate how much materials and supplies you will need.

You will learn how to measure so you can add and subtract for waste. There are also a bunch of checklists in there so you can be sure you have everything you need.

So I recommend starting there first!!

 Make Sure you cover the tub!!

 You can watch my video on how I do this by clicking here


Step 1-

Prepping the Walls for Cement Board

Now I am assuming that you have all the demo done in the shower and you are down to the bare studs. If you are looking for some help with the demo, watch this video on demo in the article I wrote –  How to Tile a Shower Wall

Prepping the Walls for cement board is the first step I always  take. This will save you so much time and a lot of frustration during the installation. I wouldn’t skip this step

There will be other ways to prep the walls and floors that we will cover later on, but for now check this out.

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