What you will find

Below you will find many of the tools, supplies and materials that I use everyday for my installations. Some of the tools that you see me using in my videos are no longer made. I have posted other tools in there place that I have used and found to be reasonably priced and high in quality.

I do want to inform you that these are affiliate links that I make a commission from. If you decide you want to use these links, my family and I want to thank you!

I only recommend tools that I would use myself and they must be of high quality!!!

Plank Bootcamp

Join the thousands who were able to Install their own Plank and it looks like a Pro did it.

If you are looking for help with your Plank Installation, look no further!

With Plank Bootcamp, I guide you through your installation using easy to understand methods with my  Step by Step Guide.

Plank Bootcamp will help you get your project done RIGHT and FASTER.

This Plank has taken the crown from Mannington

Flooret Modin Signature is one of my favorite Brands of Vinyl Plank. This plank is very durable, easy to install and looks stunning.

I also LOVE the price point on this plank! No other Comparable Plank is even close to the price point of this Plank.

They also have a bargain on their Modin Base and that plank still has a 20 mil wear layer.

Check it out for yourself  and watch my review video. You can also learn how to get discounted samples. 

Wood that Performs like Vinyl Plank

Flooret Silvan is an incredibly durable Wood Plank. I tested this product and to honest, I was not expecting it to be anything special. Just another Engineered Wood on the market. I was WRONG!

This wood floor is going to give Vinyl Plank a run for the title. It has a super strong core, it’s topically water proof and the Acrylic protective layer is extremely scratch resistent.

I have NEVER seen a floor install easier than this and I believe there is no other plank on the market today that is this DIY Friendly!

Watch my review video and also learn how you can get discounted samples. 


I have never been a fan of spacers, until now. These spacers are very easy to use and they ACTUALLY WORK! Watch the video above and you can see for yourself how these will help you with your Plank installation.

knee pads

Tapping Block

This tapping block is super tough and is made of thick plastic that gives this tool the weight it should have.

It can be used for delicate tapping and it can be used with brute force. I really like using this tool and this thing is tough!


The tapping block and the pull bar are NOT the tools to cheap out on…. You will regret it!

knee pads

Heavy Duty Pull Bar

This Pull Bar is Super Tough and will not bend when you hit it. Many pull bars are made cheaply and as a result they break and bend. 

I use a pull bar to force plank together along walls and in tight spots where the tapping block cannot be used. 

 The tapping block and the pull bar are NOT the tools to cheap out on…. You will regret it if you do!

Norske Pull Bar

This is a great alternative for the Bullet Tools pull bar. It is also very beefy and it  gets the job done.

This also is a few dollars cheaper than the Bullet Tools Pull bar, which is great! 

I am going to show this pull bar in upcoming videos. 

Crain Knuckle Head

This is another great Pull Bar and it is priced right. 

It is plenty heavy duty and it will get the job done. 

NAACOO Tapping Block

This tapping block is pretty much identical to the Bullet Tools Tapping Block.

It is very heavy Duty and it works great!

It is also cheaper than the other tapping block and it is made in China.  

Dead Blow Hammer

This is a decent Dead Blow Hammer set. It is not as good as the one I use in my videos, but it comes with 2 hammers and it will definetly get the job done.

You really cannot beat the price on these Dead Blow Hammers and I think they are very solid!

D-Cut UX-350(This Cutter is $100 OFF)

This is a Top Notch shear that will cut any Vinyl Plank, any Laminate and it cuts engineered wood! 

D-Cutters have quickly become the best cutters on the market. They are an Installers Choice and this particular cutter is getting a facelift. 

This is a closeout and now an absolute bargain. If you are thinking about getting a Plank Cutter, I would seriously consider this one. These will be gone soon, so I thought I would share this with you. 

D-Cut AK-360 Cutter

This cutter does it ALL! It cuts Wood, Laminate and Vinyl Plank. 

It will make straight cuts, angle cuts, lengthwise cuts and perfect notch cuts without having to change the blade.

It eliminates the need for using multiple saws. This cutter is very impressive. 

This will also help with having to get up and down to go and make cuts. Your knees and back will be happy. 

9" EZ Shear by Bullet Tools

This shear is cuts the thickest Vinyl Plank  and up to 9 inches wide. This is a very tough shear and makes cutting vinyl plank and laminate very easy.

There are other shear sizes and you can see those too when you click on the button below. 

There are many cutters on the market to choose from, just be aware, you get what you pay for.

quiet walk

9.5" Vinyl Plank Cutter by Bullet Tools

This is the shear is good for cutting thinner planks. 

It cuts planks up to 9.5 inches wide and I would say planks 5mm or less in thickness.

Anything thicker, it will start to get tough to cut. 

knee pads

Dead Blow Hammer

This is the dead blow hammer you see me use in my videos. I use this because I also install wood floors, so it is a great multi purpose hammer for me. The caps are replaceable and this thing works! 

Pro Knees

By far these are the best knee pads on the market. They are very comfortable with the foam that is an inch thick. The straps do not dig into the back of your legs and are very easy to connect. These will last forever and I use them at home and work! 

quiet walk

Quiet Walk for Laminate

This pad is complete with a sound barrier, vapor barrier and it is resists mold and mildew with its Anti Microbial Treatment. It is EASY to install and feels great under your feet. It is  the thicker version of Quiet Walk Pad meant for Laminate.

Quiet Walk for Vinyl Plank

This pad is complete with a sound barrier, vapor barrier and it is resists mold and mildew with its Anti Microbial Treatment. It is EASY to install and feels great under your feet. It is the thinner version of Quiet Walk and is good to use under ALL LVP. 

knee pads

Fasten Master Glue Gun

This is the Glue Gun I use to attach transitions to the floor. I use it to glue scrap pieces down to secure the floor in a plank installation. I use it to attatch wood planks to the floor under cabinets, along walls where the nail gun cannot reach. This can also be used for so many things other than flooring. 

Adtec Glue Gun

This is a alternative to the Fasten Master Glue Gun. It works well with the Fasten Master Glue sticks. I have tested this glue gun and I find it to be a good glue gun that has done what I have asked of it. I do feel my Fasten Master is a bit better and I would recommend that over this if you are a Pro.  

quiet walk

Fasten Master Glue Sticks

These are not the glue sticks that you buy at Walmart or any of the Big Box Stores for that matter. I use these to install transitions, for gluing  scrap pieces down when securing the floor on concrete and for a variety of other things. These are amazing!!

They are meant to stick to the concrete and to the vinyl plank and are a great alternative to using a hammer drill. 

Masterweld 948

This is the adhesive I use for setting transitions. It is a superior adhesive with great holding power and it dries very quickly. It adheres well to plastic, concrete and wood. 

utility knife

Shark Knife

I have been using this Utility Knife for years and I absolutely love it. It is very durable, blades are easy to change, it holds 10 blades and it fits in the hand very well. 

Linoleum Knife/AKA -Tuck Knife

This is the best multi purpose tool you will ever own! Your welcome!! I use this tool for almost anything. If you have watched my videos, I am sure you seen me use it!

quiet walk

CLC Tool Pouch

This is the tool pouch I use. It fits on your side easily and can carry multiple tools. I mainly keep my utility knife, tuck knife, marker and pen in there. You can also hang your tape measure from the clip. 

Oscillating tool Blades

These blades come in a 24 pack and are packaged in a convient plastic tube. These type of blades are crazy expensive in the big box stores. These blades are just as good, if not better than the blades found at the big bo stores.

utility knife

Ardex Feather Finish

This is the only Floor Patch I use and it NEVER fails me. I do use modified thin set for deep filling and then this to finish it off. 

Henry's 549

This is made by Ardex, but I am not completly convinced it is the same as  Ardex Feather Finish. This also sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Blades for jigsaw


I really don’t use blades that are designed for Vinyl plank, I just use a standard wood cutting blade.  These work well for most vinyl plank, both SPC and WPC. 

*This pack contains 5 blades

These blades can be used for Laminate and Vinyl Plank

Small Planing Tool

THIS DOES NOT WORK ON MOST VINYL PLANK, but works on all Laminate. 

Use a sharp chisel for vinyl plank. 

This is the tool that I use to cut the lip off the groove. It allows the joints to slide together easily. I use this method in areas where it is hard to get the planks together. for example-

  • around door jambs
  • the last row
  • closets
  • hallways
  • pretty much anywhere you want

Stair Step Scriber

This is a tool that will help you get perfect measurements when installing Vinyl Plank, wood or laminate on stairs. 

I know some of you are not Milwaukee fans! That is why I want to introduce you to Acme Tools. These guys carry EVERYTHING! And I mean every brand and every tool that brand has.  They are my go to store for all my power tools.

Check them out here –

I bought this packout and really was not sure what to expect. I really wanted an easier system then what I was using so I gave it a try. 

Within a week I was back at the store buying another complete packout, along with a couple other packout attachments for screws, nails and a lot of my other misc. items. 


I have made my life so much easier now that I have it. switching out tools from my truck to the shop is quick and very organized.

The wheels are very ridgid and have survived 4 Northern Minnesota Winters so far. I really could not be more pleased. 

About 2 years ago my son added this to our trailer. We needed something to keep our drills, drill bits, screw tips, batteries and charger in. Something easy to grab and bring into the job. 

I kinda laughed at him for buying it cause it’s a backpack. How long could this thing possibly last? Well, it has been 2 years now and we use this thing everyday. The Zippers are still strong as ever and there is not one rip or tear in this thing. 

This backpack is really tough and I really like how handy it is to have.

We always carry 2 drills in this(an impact and a hammer drill) along with 2 or 3 five amp batteries and a fast charger. Along with jigsaw blades, a box for screw tips and 2 boxes of drill bits. 

This is the impact screw gun I use and I like it! It has a ton of power and I really like the adjusting speeds it has. 

I really have put this tool to the test and it has lasted me a long time. I screw down a lot of subfloor on my jobs and I also install a lot of cement board and this tool has never overheated on me. 

I have never smelt any burning in the motor or have had any problems with the trigger. 

It is an all around great tool. 

Very nice tool to have. I have had to cut a thousand door jambs with this tool and it keeps on ticking. 

It is easy to change blades without any tools and I have never overheated this tool. Believe me, I have definetely put it to the test where I feel it should have overheated. 

It has multiple speeds that you can choose from just by spinning the dial on the side. 

This is a hammer drill/driving drill/drilling. 

It works very well and is overall a great drill. The hammer selection gets the job done however, if you have a lot of drilling to do then you might want to consider a hammer drill that is corded. 

This drill works well for hammering, it just does not quite do it quite as fast as I would like. 

I do use the hammer mode alot and have never had any issue with it. It is nice to have in the arsenal of tools because of the convience of the battery. 

Most of my tools are battery now andit really is nice to pull this out for the need to drill a few holes. 

WOW!!! Now this is a great light to have! I use this at work, home, camping, hunting camp, working on the car…..

It is super bright and it is very convienent.

I have two of these and they both get a lot of use.

This light can be used with battery or with a cord and does NOT charge the battery when it has a cord attatched. They do sell one now that does charge the battery but, I really did not see the need to pay the extra money for that feature.

I usually use this light in situations that a cord is not used.

This is the jigsaw I have been using for almost two years now. It has been another good tool that I can’t complain about at all. 

It has a quick changing blade and also variable speeds. 

It also has other adjustments to cut different angles.