I am Joe Letendre and I’m a 48 year old DIY from Northern Minnesota – home of  big Mosquitoes in the Summer and ice fishing in the Winter.  I install all types of Flooring that include- Tile, Laminate, Vinyl Plank, Wood, Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Carpet.

I am married to my beautiful wife Brenda who I married over 30 ago. We have 9 amazing kids and their ages range from thirty-two to nine years old.(four boys and five girls) Yeah, we’re busy. Now we have been blessed with 5 grandkids and number 6 very soon!!!!


My Story

I currently have a Flooring  Installation business that I work at full time and my internet business that I work on as much as I can. I started installing flooring over thirty years ago. I am a DIY so I didn’t work for someone else too long before I decided I could do this on my own.

There was a lot of  blood, sweat and tears that went along with that decision though. Most everything I learned was the hard way! I do not regret how I learned to do this stuff,  but there were times that I really struggled and I wanted to give up.

I have a family to support and that is what kept me going. Internet wasn’t really around back then like it is now,  so I couldn’t look online to learn how to do something.  I just did it! I’m sure you know from your own experiences,  that the best way to learn is by trial and error.

Over the years I have developed methods that are very simple. I have trained many apprentices(people who have worked for me). This has really given me an edge on how to teach these methods and make them as simple as possible. This was another trial and error experience for me though. I had to learn how to be a good teacher of these things or I would  lose money.

I couldn’t afford to pay someone to just stand around or just turn them loose to make a bunch of mistakes. I really had to learn how to teach it well and fast.


You see, unfortunately I went through many apprentices.

This trade really has a lot of turn over and it’s hard to find good help. I’ve also created many installers that went off to install on their own. It really makes feel good to know that I taught them how to do this stuff and that my methods work for others and not just me.


So Why the – So That’s How You Do That! – Website

With this website, I can help people just like you, the Do It Yourself-er. I want to be able to deliver content to you that will help you with your flooring  installation.

I want to show you the methods that I use everyday on the job site. I know there is a lot of videos out there already. I also know that a lot of them aren’t that good.

They might not answer your questions or they avoid digging into the the difficult parts of the installation. Those are the key areas I want to show you. Those are the areas that I’ve developed some of my easiest methods.

I want to provide more than just videos. I want to help you decide what product would be best for you, Provide a place for a  community that you can depend on and you help others if you choose.  What tools do you need and where do you get them? What are the best supplies to use. I’ll show you.

How long do you have to search before you find the answer that you are looking for? I want to offer a place where all your flooring installation needs are met. I want to provide all the information you need  in one place.

I want to save people time and confusion. It can be hard to understand something when you see it done by twenty different people. Which method do you choose. If you can’t find an answer then you can ask me.

I also wanted a place that people could share their projects and progress with others. My Facebook Page is  the perfect place for that. You can interact with others for advice, questions or anything really.



God Bless,



REVISED – October 2020