Here are a few tidbits to follow when mixing thin set


In this article I will show you how easy it is to mix thin set when following just a few simple steps. If you follow these steps you will have perfect thin set every single time. If you don’t, then you could have problems. Mixing thin set can really be a hassle if you don’t have the right tools and the right knowledge to get the job done.


I recommend mixing thin set with a drill and a mixing paddle


I know that some of these thin set manufacturers put little pictures on the back of their bags of thin set and they explain in these pictures how to mix the thin set. Most of them will show you that you can mix the thin set with a margin trowel. Oh, they look so cute and cool.

Yeah, I don’t know what world they are living in, but it is not my world. This is not realistic at all. Okay, maybe it can be done if you have 2 hours to blow on just mixing the thin set.

It’s really important to get the thin set mixed properly. This is what is going to hold your tile in place and give it the strength that it needs for a long lasting life. when the thin set is mixed properly, than your tile installation is going to go much smoother. Thin set that is mixed improperly will just become a pain in the butt while you are installing the tile.

It will dry out quick on you and this can cause an improper bond and it can also make it hard to get the tiles even. At least this is what I have found over the years that I’ve been installing. If it’s not mixed properly, than it can also affect the curing period and take it’s strength and flexibility. It can cause shrinkage of the thin set which will result in lippage (uneven tiles). This usually doesn’t show until the next day.

Okay, enough of all the problems that can occur, I’m sure you get the point loud and clear. Again, let me assure you that this is really pretty simple to mix thin set if you follow the steps that I am going to share with you!

Some Do’s and Don’t s to follow


  • always use cool water
  • always use a drill and mixing paddle
  • always let the thin set slake(sit for ten minutes) and mix again before using
  • always add water in the bucket first then the powder
  • always use small batches – like a half of a bag or less
  • always try to keep each batch the same consistency

Don’t s

  • NEVER use hot water or warm water
  • Never use a margin trowel to try to mix thin set
  • Never use thin set right after mixing, Let it sit for 10 minutes/mix it again/then you can use it
  • Never mix large batches of thin set unless you are installing a large area of tile on a floor
  • Never use thin set that is too thick or too watery


How to mix Thin set

Now that we have all the do’s and don’t s and the why’s and why not’s covered lets get to the actual mixing thin set part. Once the thin set is mixed it will be smooth and creamy. You want to always try to get it like this. You can mix it a little thicker for walls, but not too thick. The thicker it is, the harder it is to use.

When it’s creamy, you will notice how easy it is to spread and to get the tiles to lay evenly with each other.

I do want to make a note here. If your walls or floors are not flat, then you will struggle with getting tiles to lay evenly. You will also have trouble lining up the grout joints. You must have flat walls and floors!

I do have videos to help you with this and they will show you how you can get your floors and walls flat. You can either sign up for Tile university to get access to those videos along with many others or just sign up for my project planner and I will also send you a link to those videos at no charge to you!



Now let me show you just how simple it really is to mix thin set, let’s watch!




Well I hope this video helps. If you have any questions please feel free to ask below. You can get a quicker response by asking questions on my facebook page. There is a link in the menu located under the contact us tab.


Thanks for your time,

Joe Letendre


I hope that God blesses you and your project!