STOP! Put the Spacers Down


If You want to learn how to lay ceramic tile, than put the spacers down!


People have been been mislead with the purpose of spacers. I do use spacers- on wall tile installations. But that’s pretty much it!

Tile does not come the same size. If you open a box of tile and all the tile in that box are the same exact size, well you should have played the lottery.

Yeah, it’s just not very often this happens. I mean sure, you will find tile that is very close in size but even a fraction of a difference can effect your tile installation.

OK, let me explain. When using spacers, what is it that we are trying to accomplish? We want the grout joints to all be the same size.

If the tiles are all a different size and we want the same size grout joint, what’s going to happen? The tile will not line up.

Even if only a few tiles are a different size, it’s still going to go off.


Warning!! Tile will not line up with the use of Spacers alone


I’ve never seen a warning label on a box of tile or on a bag of spacers. I have never seen anyone bring this up on any of the home improvement shows either.

I have not watched every show on TV, so I can’t tell you it’s never been said, I just haven’t heard it.

There really is a better way to install tile anyway and I have many reasons to back this up and I’ll get to them.


Why is a Grid Better?

In this article how to lay ceramic tile I am going to show you why I like to use a grid system when I’m laying ceramic tile. (We will talk more on how to design a tile layout below).

There are so many benefits to it such as –

  • It’s easier to measure cuts
  • Everything can be cut before installation begins
  • You can see where every tile will be before starting any cutting
  • You can see how straight the tile will be with the walls
  • Makes it easy to tile into separate rooms and having everything line up.
  • It takes away any guessing or hoping. (I hope I cut tile right?) or (I think that will work) You will know what the outcome will be.

I can show you an ERROR PROOF measuring method for tile cuts.

It only works with the grid.


Easy Measuring Method for Tile Cuts



How to Lay Ceramic Tile the EASY WAY

Once the grid is done,  your tile installation just can’t get any easier. You just need to follow the grid that was marked on the floor.

Let me show how easy this really is, check out my video below.

Hopefully there was a few tips in that video that can help you. The key to the grid is just following the lines that were snapped on the floor with a chalk line.

In the video, I mentioned back buttering the tile. This is when the thin set is spread onto the back of the tile. I use this method in areas where it is too difficult to get a trowel into.

I prefer to spread the thin set on the floor whenever possible. This helps when there are small dips in the floor,because they will get filled with thin set while you are troweling it on the floor.


How to Lay Ceramic Tile in the Main Area

In this next video we are getting out into the open area away from the wall. There still are some tips I want to show you around the toilet and along the cabinet.

Once we get into the open it really starts to go quick. Well here see for yourself.

Now that you have seen how easy it is using the grid when installing tile, I’m sure you are wondering how to make the grid.

I have a broke this down for you two ways-

  • Video
  • a step by step guide


I will guide you through the entire process of  how to lay ceramic tile by showing you how to do a layout, which I have made as simple as possible. You can get this guide along with over 75 other videos to help with your installation.



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