Plank Boot Camp Bundle


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The Plank Hammer

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Plank Bootcamp Membership

Perfect for any skill level

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GET BOTH - The Plank Hammer | Plank Bootcamp 

Now you can save even more! We took our most popular items and Bundled them for even bigger savings!

The Plank Hammer and Plank Bootcamp are both an asset for DIY'ers of any skill level.

Getting the Plank to lock together can be tough for Beginners and Pro's alike. So, using a tool that was built to make Plank Installation easier is at the top of most of our lists.

The Plank Hammer is very Simple to use and even the least experienced DIY'er will get the feel of it very quickly.

Using Plank Bootcamp, you will know how to choose the BEST Plank Direction, how to decide where you should start and you will find EASY to Master Installation methods for your Plank Project.

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The Plank Hammer

Weight 34 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in

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