In this post I will be discussing how to cut a doorjamb for a laminate installation. I will also show you 3 different tools that you can use to achieve this. This step is really quite simple to do, but so many DIY’ers skip it.

Why it’s important to cut your doorjambs

First of all, the absolute most important reason why you should learn how to cut doorjambs is because it will give your floor a great look. It will look like it was done by a pro. I walk into a house and I can tell you within a couple of minutes if the flooring was professionally installed or a DIY’er did it.

If you don’t undercut the doorjambs it just looks terrible. It will SCREAM I did it myself and yes everyone will notice it.

The second reason you should learn how to cut doorjambs is that if you don’t run the laminate under the jambs it will not have the proper gaps to move. The floor will move I guarantee it!! Most of the time when someone does not cut the doorjambs they try to cut the laminate tight to them. This is an absolute NO NO!

So this is how you do it

Now that we established that they need to be cut let’s discuss how to cut them. First of all you will need a scrap of laminate and then a scrap of the pad that will go under the laminate. You will need to both of these to cut the proper height of the jamb. If you do this without the pad then the jamb will be too tight for the laminate to flow freely. You can use a variety of tools and I will show them in the video below.

The one I highly recommend is the oscillating saw, This gets into the tightest corners and it leaves the nicest looking cut. Plus this tool is a multi purpose tool and every man should own one. Whoever invented this tool has my blessing to live the rest of his without ever worrying about money. Give him millions cause this tool is just amazing!! Here is a really good saw and it’s not too spendy.

I own this one

These are the blades I use

Now I do want to tell you that if you buy from one of these links I do get a commission. That is NOT why I showed these products. I showed them because it is what I use everyday at work and they are good tools. I do however appreciate your support if you decide to use these links. The bi metal blade is probably the one I use the most.

The reason for that is because  if you hit a nail with a standard wood blade, the blade will be toast. So unless I have some thick wood or a large area of wood to cut I use the bi metal.


Video – How to cut a doorjamb


Here is the video and it will show all you need to know about how to cut a doorjamb.

Thanks for watching and I hope this video helped you a ton. If you have any questions ask in the comments below.

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