laminate Installation-cutting laminate flooring around a doorjamb

In this post I will explain how to mark a laminate plank and how easy it can be cutting laminate flooring around a doorjamb. I will show you a few great tips that you can use to do this. They will quite simply blow your mind. I use such an easy method here that you will be thinking , you can’t believe  you didn’t think of it yourself.

Laminate installation- making a cheater board

The first thing you will need is cheater board. You will need this cheater board throughout your entire laminate installation. You need to cut a scrap of laminate about a foot long. Then you will trim off the female edge. The female edge is also known as the groove that receives the tongue or the male end. Here is a picture of the different ends.

cheater board with tongue and groove
To trim this edge off use a utility knife, a jig saw or a table saw. Please be safe whatever you use. Now you have your marking board and it will give you a perfect measurement when you use it as a guide, every time. I will explain more on this next.

Laminate installation- marking the doorjamb

You are going to need to watch the next instructions on cutting laminate flooring around a doorjamb. Its just easier to see than to just read so here is the video.

Okay, so now you have seen how easy this really is cutting laminate flooring around a doorjamb. Just follow these simple steps and you will be a pro. Sometimes you need to watch a few times cause there is a lot of information to soak in. If you have any questions about your laminate installation please feel free to leave a comment below.

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