Getting started – How to layout a laminate floor

There are several things that can make or break the look of your laminate floor once you are done installing it. Keep in mind though that if you knew how to layout a laminate floor these could be avoided.

  • not undercutting doorjambs
  • didn’t use transitions
  • joints lining up

How about the final row being crooked or a piece that is just a sliver.

These are things you want to avoid and this is why learning how to layout a laminate floor is very important!!!


There are a few things that you will need to do before you just jump right into laying the laminate floor. Most DIY”ers make this mistake. They are excited to get going and want to see progress right now. Also everything they have heard about how to install laminate sounded easy. I mean this stuff is the easiest flooring on Gods green earth to install. Right? Haha. WRONG!!

If you take the time to follow these steps that I will show you in my video, then it will definitely be a whole lot easier. But laminate has been given its own urban legend. It is not as easy to install as everyone makes it sound. Especially if you want it to look like it was professionally done.


Create a cheat sheet

The key to learning how to layout a laminate floor is making a cheat sheet. This is a list that shows you how many inches your laminate planks equal when they are put together. For example you will be able to look at this sheet and see how many inches it is when 10 planks are put together, or 15 planks, or 20 planks and so on.

This will help you easily measure the floor to see how big of a piece you will have at an ending wall.


To make this cheat sheet lock together ten planks side by side and measure to see how many inches it will equal. Then you can multiply it by 2 and that will be how many 20 planks that are put together will equal and so on. I measure the widest point of the are that I am installing in and that’s how far I go on my cheat sheet numbers. You should be able to do this pretty quickly.

Once your cheat sheet is done then you are ready to move on to learning how to layout a laminate floor.

You are ready for Layout

Let’s move on  and watch the video how to layout a laminate floor. It really is a lot easier for me to show you what to do from here.

I hope you learned a lot in this video. If for any reason something didn’t make sense than watch it again. I know that was a lot of info packed into a short video. If you have any questions just ask below.


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