Did you know that you can earn over $100,000 a year as a Professional Installer?

If you have read my about page, then you would know that I am a DIY who has become a professional flooring installer. I started out working for a few different people my first year and then I took the jump. Back then I was only installing carpet, which is really one of the hardest of all the flooring trades to learn. I went out on my own and jumped in head first.

I made a lot of mistakes along the way and I pretty much would say that I learned everything the hard way. Back then there wasn’t any internet that you could turn to to learn how to do something. It was a tough road, but so worth it!

Over the years I learned how to install tile, laminate flooring, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, vinyl tile and everything in between. All of them have one thing in common-

I didn’t know how to do any of it!

Now I am a professional installer for all of these different types of flooring and I make a great income doing it! I have a big family that consists of my wife and 8 kids. I have been able to support my family financially so my wife has been a stay at home mom for over 20 years. I have been able to gross over $100,000 a year for more than the past 15 years of my career as a Professional Flooring Installer.

How can you do this too?

You might be saying to yourself; that’s great Joe, but I can’t do that! Yes! You can do that! You can become a professional flooring installer!

Remember, I told you that I was a DIY and jumped into this head first! There wasn’t internet back then like there is now. You can do this and I will tell you how.

Do you have a passion for installing flooring? If you do, that is the key to all of this. Listen there were many times that I thought there is no way I could ever install tile or laminate or wood… and I was already a carpet installer. It took me to get over the negative thinking that I can’t and face my fear and say I can!

It was scary at times when I didn’t know how to do something. I would buckle down and tackle it the best way I knew how. This how we learn. I can’t leave out the absolute most important thing that helped me through all of the tough times that I went through, are you ready for it-


No I’m not going to get into a big discussion with you about God! I am just telling you that when I needed to figure something out and I exhausted all of my skill and knowledge I prayed that God would show me. After all He created it so He must know how to do it!

If you have a passion to do this, then you can do this!


So what do you do next then?

If you want to become a professional flooring installer then start doing some research! There is a lot to learn here. You should watch videos on how to install __________ [fill in the blank]. It’s time to really begin to learn some of the basics. The great thing you have going for you is the internet is a University!

I really believe that if you get the basics down, that is what you need to start making an income. I’m not saying you should quit your job today and start installing tomorrow. There should be a plan in place. You can brush up on your skills by tackling a project in your own house. You could also take on some projects for friends and family. This is a great palace to start. It will give you the time to learn how to deal with different situations that you will come across out in the field.

Don’t stretch yourself so thin that you don’t have any time for yourself and your family.

How long will it take to become a Pro?

Honestly, this really depends on you! Here are some of the things that you will need to get into place to become a professional flooring installer-

  • tools
  • transportation[a truck or a van]
  • Business Registration
  • Proper Insurance
  • Steady flow of work
  • Tax Registration
  • etc…

There are several things that you will need to take care of before you can really be a legitimate Professional Flooring Installer. Again, it will not happen over night, but it could happen within a year or maybe even less! You really don’t need to have all these things in place before you begin to make some money. You could simply do a few of the things on this list and begin to make money legally!

If you want to learn more about what you will need to legally become a Professional Flooring Installer contact me and I will be happy to send you more information on this.


Where can you get work?

There are several different ways that you can find work and stay busy.  All of which are going to be good options and each have there pros and cons.

Here is a list of some of the options that you will have

  • Flooring Stores
  • Contractors
  • Builders
  • Friends and Relatives
  • Word of Mouth
  • Internet Services
  • Realtors
  • and more…

The option that I use most is a flooring store, because I have the most freedom! I do have to answer to the owner of the store, but I don’t have to give estimates, sell or wait to get paid. It is nice to just go to the shop, pick up a job, go do the job and then go home. At the end of the week I get paid. That’s it! This is nice and it is what I mostly do for my work. However, it does limit me in a few ways.

I have to follow their rules and guidelines and they usually have a set price list that I need to go by. This is not the case with some of the others. If I installed for any of the other options I could control how much I make, by simply charging what I want. If they accept the price, then that is how much I can make.

The down side to some of the other options are I might have to wait to get paid. I also would be the one who would have to do the estimate and then give a bid. This way can pay better, but I would rather bypass it all together and go0 the much easier route for me. This might be a good way for you to go, it just depends on your situation.


How do you get started?

Like I said earlier, you just need to start to plan this out. You should start talking this through with your wife or husband or whoever is your accountability partner. See if this is really something that you would like to pursue. If it is, than I can give you more information on how to become a professional flooring installer and provide you with what you will need to do and how you can plan this out.

If you would like to receive some more information on how to go from DIY to Pro – turn your passion into a career, than contact for help.



Joe Letendre

Prayer is the key to knowledge