Below you will find many of the tools, supplies and materials that I use everyday for my installations. Some of the tools that you see me using in my videos are no longer made. I have posted other tools in there place that I have found to be reasonably priced and high in quality.


You can click on the images or text to go to the links for each of these. I do want to inform you that these are affiliate links that I make a commission from. If you decide you want to use these links, I want to thank you for helping me out!!




I only suggest things that I would use myself. They must be high quality!!!

Flooring Underlayment

Quiet walk is my top choice and I use this all the time.

It really helps with sound deadening, moisture and its anti- microbial.

It has a vapor barrier built in and it can be used over wood subfloors and over concrete slabs.

It also lets the heat through when installed over heated floors.

Here is a video that better explains Quiet Walk

Tapping Block

This is one of my tools that is no longer available. I am also not very happy about that. However, this tapping block that is made by Bullet Tools and is pretty tough.

There are 2 sizes to choose from –

7 inches long and 12 inches long

I would suggest the longer of the two.

This and the pull bar are NOT the tools you want to cheap out on….. You will regret it!

Pull Bar


This is another situation where the tool I am using in the video is no longer available. But….

There is a great alternative.

This is another tool made by Bullet Tools and this bar is tough!! It is a little more money, but well worth every penny.

I Would not cheap out on this tool, you will regret it!

Small Planing Tool

This is the tool that I use to cut the lip off the female tongue.

It allows the joints to slide together easily. I use this method in areas where it is hard to get the planks together.

for example-

  • around door jambs
  • the last row
  • closets
  • hallways
  • pretty much anywhere you want

Blades for jigsaw

I really don’t use blades that are designed for laminate. I prefer to use fine cutting blades.

These type of blades are great for non chip cutting.

I have found that you will use up a specialty blade just as fast as the fine cutting blades.

These blades can be used for Laminate and Vinyl Plank

Laminate and Vinyl Plank Cutter


I use a cutter that shears the plank. I love this tool!!!


It is really convenient to have by your side in small areas.


It is dust free so you can use it in the house.


The time that it saves you from walking out to the garage for every cut is worth its weight in gold.


I save myself a couple of thousand dollars a year on the cost of miter saw blades. Even the best blades are no match for laminate. They dull very quickly.


I know this is a larger expense, but if you are installing a large area, that makes it worth it. I’m sure you could sell it when you were done!!


A jigsaw is really going to be needed to make a lot of the cuts during your installation.

You will need it to make cuts around door jambs, vents, around corners and you can use it to cut your long straight cuts along your walls and cabinets.

You don’t need a table saw. A jig saw is plenty good!

Here are some Misc. tools I use

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