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If you are installing Vinyl Plank, Laminate or Wood Floors

this will HELP YOU!

Vinyl Plank
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EASIEST Way To Install
EASIEST Plank Direction
BEST Place to Start

Why Use Plank Bootcamp?

Using Plank Bootcamp you’ll know how to choose the BEST Plank Direction, how to decide where you should start and be able to find EASY to Master Installation methods for your Plank Project.

You will be able to avoid getting stuck and not knowing what to do next.

You’ll be able to make a Proper Plan that is easy to follow and you will get your Project done FASTER!

Using Plank Bootcamp will help you get a Professional looking installation!

I also wanted this to be SIMPLE and for any skill level!  That’s why I created The Plank Bootcamp Guide, which is only found inside Plank Bootcamp

I also wanted to make this affordable

In Plank Bootcamp, Joe will teach you how to:

Choosing the Best Plank Direction

I decide Plank direction using 3 Key Factors. Lighting and Joist direction are not on this list. However, the condition of the floor over rules all 3 of these key factors.

In Plank Bootcamp, you will learn about these key factors so, you can choose the best direction for your installation.


Find the Best Place to Start

I don’t just start anywhere. Several key factors help me decide where the best place to start is.

Don’t make the the install harder, use this guide to make it easier! 

You will be able to use these Key Factors and find the Best Plank Direction for your project!

The Plank Bootcamp Guide will quickly help you make this decision.

Get the Perfect Layout

Using the Plank Bootcamp Guide, you will be able to get the best layout possible.

You will be able to use this guide for any size layout – one room or an entire house.

A good layout will also help you avoid causing difficult situations.

Use the Plank Bootcamp Guide to easily find the Best Layout for your project.

Cheater Board Series

The Cheater Board is an amazing tool! It will save you more time on your installation, than anything else.

Using Plank Bootcamp you will find  a cheater board video for each situation you will encounter.

Each of these situations will demonstrate using the cheater board and installing the plank. 


Install Around Walls and Reconnect

There is nothing worse than going around a wall only to get to the other side and you are unable to reconnect. This is a Nightmare….

There is also, nothing more satisfying then going around a wall and coming to the other side and reconnecting perfectly.

In Plank Bootcamp you will learn my Fail Proof Tips to get around and reconnect.

It works with walls, cabinets, islands, fireplaces and more.

Wood Subfloor or a Concrete Slab

Whether you are on a concrete slab or a wood subfloor.

There are some major differences in installation and tools you will use. You will find these in Plank Bootcamp. 

Find what tools and installation supplies will be different. I also will show you how to use them. ”

Don’t waste money on tools that you might not need. And don’t forget to get the tools you will need.

Floor Prep can be HARD

Humps, dips and different height levels will cause joint failure on most Plank.

Many skip this step or even worse, they try to fix something and cause more problems then what they started with.

Using the correct tools and the right product and the right methods is crucial to get the floor flat.

In Plank Bootcamp you will find Easy-Goof-Proof methods to get the Prep done right.

You Don't Have to Use Transitions

Most of us Hate Trasitions in doorways. I never use them and never will.

There are some crucial steps I take to make this work.

Using Plank Bootcamp you will easily be able to continue plank into other rooms never using a transition.

In fact, when using my methods in Plank Bootcamp it will be easier to continue into a room, than it would be to break it at the door.


So Many Difficult Areas

Most installations are going to have a few difficult areas that you will be faced with. some of these are –

  • installing into doors
  • closets
  • hallways
  • angled walls
  • bathrooms
  • kitchens and more

Using my Plank Bootcamp Guide you will be able to easily overcome all of these difficult areas.

Plank Bootcamp $29

My family and I thank you for your support!


You will also find:

Staging your Project

Many of you will not be able to do your entire project at one time. Unless, you have a house you don’t live in yet. This is where staging comes in handy.

Using a staging plan makes it so much easier for everyday living during your project. 

Using Plank Bootcamp you will be able to make a good Plan and do your project in stages. 

This will help you manage your project and get it done faster. 



    Plank Bootcamp $29

    My family and I thank you for your support!

    What Else is Included

    One Year of Access

    You may just be in the Planning stages of your project – No Worries, your membership lasts for an entire year, so you have plenty of time to access all of the Easy to Learn resources made available to you inside Plank Bootcamp.

    Plank Bootcamp Guide

    When using the Plank Bootcamp Guide it will make your project easier and you will be able to get the job done faster. 

    The Plank Bootcamp Guide brings you through each step of your installation. It can be used if you are installing one room or an entire house.  

    In each step, I will coach you through your Plank Installation. This guide is so easy to follow, you won’t want to miss out on it.

    Plank Bootcamp $29

    My family and I thank you for your support!

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    “I followed several of your videos. Super helpful. Installed into a large open area consisting of kitchen, dining room, hallway, and living room. First time installing flooring and while it took some time getting started, I nailed it. Looks great. Thank you.”

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    “Word of caution: If you do a good job on your floors you become the friend to call for other people’s floors as well. Thanks for the instructions Joe. They’ve come in handy more than I would have thought. Merry Christmas, may God bless you in this coming year.”

    Mike Feiock

    About Joe Letendre:

    Joe has been in the Flooring Business for over Three Decades as an installer, store owner and YouTuber. Vinyl Plank, Laminate, Wood, Carpet and Tile are the different types of flooring he is Specialized in. He and his wife Brenda have 10 kids of which most are grown, married and have kids of their own. 

    He began helping DIY’ers 12 Years ago when he started his Online Presence and His Youtube Channel (So That’s How You Do That!) He has 200k+ followers on Youtube and has helped thousands of other people with their flooring projects.

    Plank Bootcamp- $29

    My family and I thank you for your support!


    Plank Bootcamp Bundle

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    Now you can save even more! We took our most popular items and Bundled them for even bigger savings!

    The Plank Hammer and Plank Bootcamp are both an asset for DIY’ers of any skill level.

    Getting the Plank to lock together can be tough for Beginners and Pro’s alike. So, using a tool that was built to make Plank Installation easier is at the top of most of our lists.

    The Plank Hammer is very Simple to use and even the least experienced DIY’er will get the feel of it very quickly.

    Using Plank Bootcamp, you will know how to choose the BEST Plank Direction, how to decide where you should start and you will find EASY to Master Installation methods for your Plank Project.

    You can wear the T-shirt proudly, knowing you conquered fear, unforeseen floor prep, trouble at every turn and you were still able to get your project done!

    ONLY $79

    One Quick Note

    I am really excited to begin working with you and to be a part of the project that you are working on.

    As a DIY’er and a professional installer, it always feels really good when a project is complete!

    I’ve always enjoyed to step back and look at what I have accomplished.

    I hope for you to have that same reward!!