Private Coaching

This is One on One Personal Coaching with Joe.  Space is Limited and this is NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Step by Step Guide –  from start to finish

With access to the step by step guide you will know where to start and how to finish.  I walk you through each step to the very end, so it makes it very simple to complete your project. 

It doesn’t matter if you only  have 1 room or an entire house, this invaluable guide will get you to the finish line. 

It is very simple follow along for any skill level! 

These are all the same exact steps I follow everyday  on all of my installations.   

Brand New and Now included in your membership-

Installation Blueprint


Installation Blueprint - How it Works

  • Make a drawing using either your own software or use the FREE software I provide inside Laminate University. I even have a video showing how to use it! 
  • Share the file of the drawing inside Laminate University
  • Include any questions you would like me to go over with you
  • I will then make you a custom Installation Blueprint of your project, using a screencast video
  • I will show you where to start, share my opinion on plank direction, walk you through the steps of YOUR installation and answer any questions you may have.
  • I will also show you what videos you can to watch for the different steps
  • I will warn you of any problem areas and give you the solutions to get you through them.
  • BEST FEATURE- use it throughout your installation as you move from room to room. You can make a timeline of the video and watch as you go through your installation.  It’s like I am there with you!

Here is a video showing How it Works-

It is a great tool to add to your arsenal

You can see that the Installation Blueprint is a very valuable tool to have during your installation.

You can watch the video as you move through your installation and I guide you along the way.

You can also ask questions throughout your installation and we can always add more information to your Installation Blueprint.

It really makes your installation, worry free!

I also like to use video to answer your questions- Take a look

It makes sense to answer questions this way

Get detailed answers to your questions, that’s what we all want, right? 

Of course that is what we want! 

I like to answer questions visually, it makes it a lot easier for you and for me! This is a very useful tool and I am sure that you will enjoy using it. 

You can ask your questions right inside the University and your question will be answered and a link to a screencast video will be given to you. 

It’s that simple!

Our Members Area


What's Included

  • access to all EXCLUSIVE videos (Add free)
  • access to the Private Community
  • Post questions in the News Feed or in the Forums
  • access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Support from me (Joe Letendre) for all questions
  • Access to a Installation Blueprint of your drawing. I will walk you through your Project using your drawing. A video telling you how to start, where to start, plank direction, how to install from one room to another and more…

Members Area- How it Works

  • Login  to Laminate University to access the videos, guides and support
  • From the menu you will find several guides to follow
  • Videos are also grouped together for easy reference to your situation. FOR EXAMPLE-  prep, bathrooms, halls, cutting planks and ect..
  • Use the Dashboard where there is a description and link to ALL the videos and Guides.

Our Own Community inside

  • We have a built in Activity Feed(News Feed) Facebook is NOT required
  • Post your questions, drawings, Pics or just say hi.
  • 6 Forums to choose from to ask questions, share pics of completed projects and to see reviews from members on the brand of Flooring they used for their home.
  • Post any questions you have either for me or for the group
  • You can also private message me.

Private Facebook Group- How it Works

  • Login  to Laminate University to access the link to join
  • Request to join the Private Facebook Group and then share with the group or ask questions.
  • Use the Private group to ask questions or post videos.
  • This is an addition and alternat6ive to the Private Community inside Laminate University.

Trusted & Experienced

 Laminate University has been around for almost 10 years helping other DIY’ers and Pros just like you. I have been an installer for over 30 years and the methods and tips that I share inside my videos are exactly what I use on the job everyday and they work!

A Completed Project

It is a fact that 99% of the members of Laminate University FINISH their project! The methods I use are really simple to learn, the videos get straight to the point, so you learn quickly and that combination helps get the project done!

Reliable Support

I am on the site and the private facebook group to answer questions for you.I also use email for those of you who choose to use that for your communication. I will also schedule a call with you, if that is a way you want to communicate.

Appointments Available for Phone Calls 

To better serve you, there are time slots available for you to schedule a time for us to talk on the phone and they are available Monday thru Saturday. There is NO LIMIT on the amount of times that you use these slots. 

Happy Customers

” Love the university, extremely helpful!”

Michael O’Sullivan

“These videos are phenomenal. Thank you so much. God bless brother.”

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“Wowww! Awesome video! I’m in the middle of installing vinyl planks in my kitchen, and this literally just SAVED ME! Much, much easier than other videos I watched!! Very helpful! Thanks ????????”

Nicole Kathlene

“Dude, your videos are really helpful for an amateur like me. I can’t thank you enough!”

Mity Eltu

“Yay finally someone who does all the steps in a series rather than one off videos.”

Connor Pearson

“Wow. I am rarely moved to leave a comment, but thank you so much for sharing these practical tips. It makes what seemed like difficult issues seem simple. God bless”

Zwingli Justice

“yippie kyi yay i must offer my most sincere gratitude for your proficient efficient and generous bountiful fountain of experience, im ready now”


“I followed several of your videos. Super helpful. Installed into a large open area consisting of kitchen, dining room, hallway, and living room. First time installing flooring and while it took some time getting started, I nailed it. Looks great. Thank you.”

Robert Evans

“Awesome videos man! I feel like I’ve almost watched all your LVP install guides! Planning to buy your course to help support feature work :)”

Jared Wins

“I really appreciate all I have learned here!”

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“Thanks for the add. Seen your videos on YouTube and there very helpful. Decided its worth the money to become a member.
I am a DIY’er good but not the best.????”

Lonnie Berger


Thank you so much for all your videos. They have been extremely helpful in planning my laminate flooring install. ”

Kent Grisemer

“Almost done! Not a finished product vid, but I’m so excited about how the floor is coming together. It’s basically four rooms with a giant closet/wall/half kitchen island. Followed Joe Letendre’s advice and it came together perfectly!”

Brad Palmore

“Word of caution: If you do a good job on your floors you become the friend to call for other people’s floors as well. Thanks for the instructions Joe. They’ve come in handy more than I would have thought. Merry Christmas, may God bless you in this coming year.”

Mike Feiock

Where to Start Series

In this Brand New Series I walk you through a few Super Simple steps that will have you ready to start your installation in as little as 15 minutes. Yes, it is that easy and it is only available inside Laminate University.

Plank Direction

I will share with you the simple guidelines to follow when determining your plank direction, this is a video you don’t want to miss. Remember this – You are the final decision maker!

Which Room do you start in

There are several things to consider when deciding where to start installing the plank. I will show you the things you need to avoid when making this decision.


Layout is the most important part of your installation. It will help you avoid trouble and it will ensure that you will get the professional looking installation that you want and deserve.  

Multiple Room Installation

My where to start series will provide you the planning and knowledge that you need to flawlessly move from one room to another with your plank installation. 

Newsletter Mockup

What else is Inside Plank Bootcamp

Where to start


There is planning involved if you want to have a successful plank installation.

My where to start guide will definitely help! 

You will also be able to share drawings with me and I will help you get started.

Installing the First few rows of plank

Once you figure out where to start, the next step is pretty obvious, install the first few rows.

The first few rows can be a challenge to get together and then into their proper position

and if done correctly you can expect a smooth installation.

This step is the key to your entire installation and in this video, I will guide you with a few but, simple steps

Installing into Multiple rooms AVOIDING TRANSITIONS

Most installations consist of multiple rooms 

I am sure that most would agree that it would be nice not to use transitions in those doorways.

This can be done!

and as a matter of fact, this is exactly how I do it on all of my installations and you can too. 

I will show you how to flow the plank into other rooms without using transitions.

If this is done correctly, you will never have an issue.

Installing planks into doorways

The most difficult areas to install laminate or vinyl plank is in a doorway.

Doorways that go into closets, bedrooms, stairways, exterior doors and ect….

They don’t have to be difficult!

I will show you a few tips that I use to help make this an easy task for you!

Installing plank in a hallway

Hallways can be the biggest challenge in a Laminate or Vinyl Plank installation.

There are doors, closets, twists and turns and a lot of cutting involved.

I have suffered the tears of a hallway installation and you do not need too!!

I will show you how to do this the easiest way possible. I have developed a method that simplifies a hallway installation. I know this video will be a lifesaver for you!

Easy Measuring Guide for all plank cuts

I will show you how to easily measure cuts that need to be made from row to row.

I will also show you how to mark and cut planks that go against walls, into door jambs, around corners around vents and more. 

All by using one quick and easy technique.

Floor Prep

Most projects need some sort of floor prep done before you can install your plank. 

There are some projects that need just a little prep and some that need a major overhaul to the floor. 

That is okay! I got you covered here. I will share with you some great techniques and tips on how to get this done. 

I will also share with you the products you should use so, you don’t buy the garbage that is out there. 

I know that this can be overwhelming to anyone who has never done this before but, with my help and my video, you will definetly get you through this. 

Installing Plank in rooms with angles

A project with angled walls and cabinets can be enough to scare any DIY’er and even a PRO away from trying this on their own. 


Relax, because I have just the video for you! I will walk you through many different situations that will apply to your situation. 

I will share with you some super easy methods to get you right past these angles. They are really not as tough as they would seem to be. 


I will share with you where transitions are needed and where they are not.

I will also show you the different types of transitions that are available to you and how to install them.

Sadly, most of the time a transition that is needed, needs to be modified some way or another. But the good news is, I am here to help with that! 

I share many tips with you on this subject and I will help walk you through it. 

There is so much more inside Plank Bootcamp –

  • cutting around vents
  • installing around islands
  • private Facebook Group
  • Knowledgeable Support
  • Installing in bathrooms
  • installing to stair railings
  • cutting doorjambs
  • tools I use

Our Pricing Plans


One Quick Note

I am really excited to begin working with you and to be a part of the project that you are working on.

As a DIY’er and a professional installer, it always feels really good when a project is complete!

I’ve always enjoyed to step back and look at what I have accomplished.

I hope for you to have that same reward!!