How to Undercut Doorjambs, Partitions and Cabinets for a Professional Looking Plank Installation

Just these few simple tips  alone will give you the Professional Results you are looking for in your installation

There is no doubt that you want your installation to look as beautiful as it can be. There are several different things that I can show you to achieve this and this one is a BIGGIE!

Undercutting certain things will bring out the beauty of your plank. It will help cabinets stand out, stairways will have a clean appearance, doorjambs will look like they were installed on top of the floor and you can avoid using quarter round. Better yet, you will not have to try and modify some piece of trim to cover up that expansion gap.

Trim can also be very hard to install in areas like you see in the images above.

I am not saying that you should undercut everything in the areas that you are installing vinyl plank or laminate, but I am saying there are certain places it is a must!


In this video I will explain how to undercut, what tool you can use and I will give several examples of what can be undercut.

If you have any Questions-

I am more than happy to help with any questions you might have. I know it can be intimidating to cut something that you are unsure if it’s ok to cut, just ask!

I Can HELP You With Your Entire Installation

I have many more helpful tips that will guide you through your entire installation. These tips will save you time, they will teach you the easiest installation methods available to DIY community and they will help you finish your floor with Professional Looking Results. Don’t wait, come get the help you deserve.